Speaker Profile

Yiu Tung (Billy) Cheung

Founder and Chairman, Master Assets Investments Ltd.
Chairman, Century Park Hotel & Residences Ltd

Mr. Cheung Yiu Cheung was born in Guangzhou, China. He is the Founder and Chairman of Master Assets Investments Limited, a Group Company with its Head Office located in Hong Kong and with various operation based Offices in Eastern Africa and China.

For years his Company has been the market leader supplying building materials, hotel supplies and equipment to major customers in the East African Region. He then noticed the investment potential of real estate developments in East African Countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. This is due to the unprecedented economic growth in this countries that is supported by macro stability, structural reforms and market liberalisation, as well as natural resources. As a result of this his business activities evolved to serve this market.

Master Assets Investments made a huge contribution to real estate developments in the East African Region by means of various property development projects, but Mr. Cheung and his team are particularly proud of the Century Park Hotel and Residences as it brings a new dimension of affordable state of the art living to Kigali, Rwanda.