Speaker Profile

Dalitso Mwanza

Radisson Blu Lusaka

As a child, Dalitso was orphaned along with his six siblings. After losing their parents, the children lived with their grandmother, who took on the responsibility of providing for them.

With eight people living in a small, crowded house and only one person able to provide for the family, Dalitso chose not to pursue further education after completing school. He began to look for work which would enable to contribute to household expenses, supporting his grandmother and providing for his brothers and sisters. As he puts it:

“After I finished school, I didn’t have the means to pursue further education and I was keen to help my grandmother in supporting our family financially. Life had been hard for us and I wanted to make it easier.”

After searching for a position but finding he didn’t have the experience employers wanted, Dalitso grew despondent. Luckily, soon after he heard about the Youth Career Initiative (YCI) and was attracted to the opportunity to develop skills which would make him employable. He applied to the programme, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to throw himself into an enriching introduction to working life.

His application was successful, and soon Dalitso walked into the Radisson Blu Lusaka, ready and waiting to start learning from mentors in a huge array of hotel departments.

From food and beverages to front of house, he impressed his fellow students and mentors alike with his enthusiasm and determination to excel. Dalitso found that he had a talent for work in the kitchen, learning to make elaborate dishes and keen to keep learning new techniques to make his cooking even better. It’s no surprise, therefore that after graduating from YCI, Dalitso was hired by the hotel as a chef.