Speaker Profile

Gaurav Sinha

Founder & CEO
Insignia Worldwide

Gaurav Sinha founded Insignia Worldwide in 2003, and stands as the visionary mastermind behind the world’s first brand enrichment company, specialising in travel and destination brands. As a creative protagonist, Gaurav has accumulated a formidable portfolio of achievements that has solidified his status as an internationally recognised leader in his field.

Gaurav has been based in Dubai for the past 22 years and previous to launching Insignia, he spent a decade in advertising with his last sting at Lowe. He then took on the illustrious role of Head of Marketing for Hilton Worldwide in the Arabian Gulf between 1998 - 2002.

A respected brand strategist, Gaurav is recognised for his innovative thinking, inspiring leadership and business acumen. 

In 2014 he was noted as Indian Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine and has enjoyed a variety of accolades such as being listed at #47 in Arabian Business Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Indians in the GCC. 

Furthermore in 2014, his most recent initiative, The Travel Marketing Council, was awarded ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the Arabian Business StartUp Awards. 

2016 will see the launch of Traverger.com a disruptive online media platform that will reboot the way travel professionals augment their social and intellectual capital.